Are you looking for beautiful dairy goats in Missouri?  You have come to one of the many places to find some excellent genetics.  We are located in southwest Missouri and we have LaMancha and LaMancha cross dairy goats.  Our dairy goat herd started as a 4H project, but I quickly got hooked on showing goats!  Now it's a family affair.

We have a healthy herd of dairy goats here in Missouri.  We have tried to keep our herd clean of CAE, CL and all other diseases.  We practice prevention of all of these issues, bio security at other farms, shows and anywhere we are exposed to goats.  We have all CAE NEG does, and we test yearly before kidding, we also practice CAE prevention as outlined by ADGAs recomendations.   The health of our dairy goats is important to us.

Missouri Dairy Goats are very competitive, we have many herds that do well at nationals, making the cut and getting under 10th place.  Missouri is not the most competitive area, but we do sport many top ten does, breed leaders and does that have placed well at Nationals.  We have had access to national champion sons, brothers and have used many sires of excellent quality to try and create the style of dairy goat we like best.

We like a very long lived, productive and healthy dairy goat.  We do not like to have to worm excessively and we have bred for this trait aggressively.  We do not like does that require huge amounts of concentrate to produce solid amounts of milk, nor do we like dairy goats that are nervous and easily upset.

We also like a very GENTLE doe.  Our youngest is three, and he is quite safe walking out in the goat pen without me hovering over him.  The does take good care of him, and nobody gets too rambunctious around a child.  We have tried to raise the gentlest, easiest to milk, strongest, healthiest animals we can breed.  Sometimes this coincides with show wins, and sometimes these does aren't quite there.  However, each and every one of our goats is a joy to work with and enjoy.

 Each of our does is very productive.  We expect a yearling to produce 7 -8 pounds at peak and maintain that steadily, we expect 10 from a two year old and more from older does.  

If you like the type of goat we have, you will probably enjoy making a purchase with us.  We cull very ruthlessly on traits that are undesirable, such as aggression, kidding problems, lack of productivity, lack of hardiness and lack of a easy to milk goat that stands still and doesn't kick a bucket!  Every one of our does can be milked with no problems by my two 4Her daughters aged 8 and 10.  Occasionally we have spills, but overall these are the sweetest of dairy goats.

Our chief product on the farm is breeding stock, however we also have milking goats available as well as some wethers for brush control or as pets/meat.  Email me to be put on our waiting list for milkers and wethere, there is no fee, and we will notify you when milkers/wethers come available.  First come first serve on the waiting list. 

We expect some nice young doelings and bucks this spring, a $100 deposit will reserve the kid of your choice, or allow us to hold an animal for 30 days.  Reserve your kid today to lock in our pre-kidding price!

We are striving for correct, strong, long lived dairy goats that will be productive and healthy for their entire lives.  We also look for sweet temperaments, and all goats, even bucks must be gentle and kind.  Our does are easily handled even by our smaller children under 5.  This is the type of goat we wish to produce, sweet, healthy, and lots of good sweet milk for years and years with little or no medical problems.  We are a CAE and CL neg farm.   

We also write software and develop websites. We don't have any publicly available software as yet (all work has been custom, proprietary work so far) but there are some websites available as an example of our work. We wrote our first professional website for Fairlight Farm in exchange for our first five sheep.  We have our own website - Spindle and Wheel - which is an online community for hand-spinners and fiber artists.

We manage and maintain a hand full of local business websites.  Are you interested in some beautiful horse tack?  We manage the website for Riata Leather, a local business that sells excellent quality horse tack, headstalls, bridles and breast collars! See Johnson's Telemetry and Maples Bed and Breakfast for more examples of our current work.  We provide hosting, development and custom solutions for your business, at a much more reasonable cost then most developers.  We also offer custom graphics, joomla and wordpress templates plus training.  We specialize in joomla sites, and encourage anyone looking to start a webpage to look into using joomla as a high powered and free content management system.

Thanks for checking us out!