TTRR DG Hazel - $350 Purebred LaMancha

This is a very nice kid, Mom has a very pretty well attached udder, nice sized and very easy to milk teats.  Feet and legs look ifantastic on this kid - dam and sire both have beautiful deep heels and tight toes.  The sire is from excellent lines packed full of SHCH, Breed Leaders, and 90+ La Scores.

Sire: Forrest-Pride Dizzy Gillespie *DNA -

Dam: TTRR MBO Willow -

TTRR DG Heidi $400 American LaMancha -  Heidi is from our own CH TTRR VV Over The Moon.  Moon has many accomplishments and we are certain there is more to come. This doe kid is tall and has excellent length.  Moon has a beautiful topline, back and rump, the nicest in the herd.  This kid stands on correct feet and legs and blends nicely throughout.  

Sire: Forrest-Pride Dizzy Gillespie -

Dam:  CH TTRR VV Over The Moon -

TTRR RYL Hoozzat? - American LaMancha - $450

This kid is very correct, very open and flat in bone, but well balanced with strength.  She has very nice feet and legs, width though out and plenty of depth. I simply must sell a few kids and cut numbers, or she would stay here.

Her Dam Enizza has the highest widest rear udder we have ever had in a two year old.  Teats are reasonably placed and easy to milk.  They were a bit short but are coming along nicely as her udder develops.  Enizza has been milking 11 - 12 pounds a day as a 2 year old and she carries it well.  Excellent attachement in all areas and lovely shape to this udder.  Enizza is the sweetest and easiest to care for doe, we love her in every way.

Royal Flush is the most beautiful young sire I have ever seen.  Amazing blending, smooth beautiful shoulders and a wide rear end with excellent feet and legs.  Royal has mulitple time breed leaders both top and bottom of his pedigree.  SGCH, 90+ LA in the pedigree gives an amazing genetic package for a consistent breeding.

Sire:  Forrest-Pride LSA Royal Flush -

Dam: Rockin-CB CW Enizza -


We also expect to sell at least one more milker after appraisal on June 11, and we will have one or two dry yearlings as well.



please email me at twirp at thethreeringranch dot com or call at 417 298 4635  Please call between 9:30 am and 8:30 pm