Breeding Plan - Fall 2016

We are working towards a consistent type of goat that will be productive, healthy and easy to care for. We are breeding for does that will produce consistent kids of the same or better quality as their dams. Of course the sire makes an impact, but we like to see the same kind of quality for several generations. We look at this carefully in our bucks that we purchase.

Doe Buck Date Bred Kidding Date Dry Date Reserved Does Reserved Bucks
GCH Nimbus Kael's Cat N Fiddle Shan for Grade kids All
Forrest-Pride Yes I'm A Twirp Rocky (Sable for EX kids) 1
TTRR VV Over The Moon High Gear
Rockin-CB CW Enizza Shan 1
TTRR MBO Willow High Gear 1
TTRR MBO Blackberry High Gear 1
TTRR Miss Muffet Shan
TTRR Kahlua Rocky (Sable for EX kids)
TTRR Holy Smoke! Shan 1
TTRR Royal Honeysuckle Shan 1
TTRR Huzzah! Shan 1
TTRR RYL Hoozzat? Shan 1
TTRR Royal Hibiscus Dry
TTRR Harley Quin Dry

Sales and Reservations:

Picking up your kid:


All sales are final, however we welcome you to contact us with any issues that may occur. We can not guarantee health and condition once the animal leaves our care. We do stand behind our animals and we will do our best to find a workable solution should an issue occur.

We offer a sizable discount to 4H and FFA exhibitors. Contact us for more information. We want to see more youth involved with these wonderful creatures.

We have the right to retain any kid that we feel is needed to further an area of our breeding program regardless of reservations. We will offer a refund or transfer of your deposit should we feel a reserved kid must stay here at the farm. We also retain the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel will not, or can not provide properly for the animal.